What is an EVSE?

An EVSE (Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment) is an electric vehicle charging station about the size of a parking meter that is generally placed on a street curb or in a parking lot between two parking spaces reserved for actively-charging Electric Vehicles (EV’s).

What types of EVSE’s are there?

There are three levels of EVSE’s: Level 1 (120 V with a charging speed of 2 - 5 miles of range per hour, or MRPH). Level 2 (220 - 240 V and 12 - 25 MRPH), and Level 3 (480 V and 100+ MRPH). Level 1 consists of simply plugging an EV into a standard wall outlet; Level 2 is the most common EVSE and can either be installed as a public / commercial charging station or at home (stand-alone or wall-mounted) with the help of an electrician; Level 3 is also called a DC Fast Charge station and is generally found at rest stops on highways where EV’s need to recharge in less than an hour.
Why is the Town of Philipstown considering installing Level 2 EVSE’s?

In order to reduce our community’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, the Town of Philipstown is considering installing one or several Dual-Port (two cars can charge at a time) Level 2 EVSE’s in our community to support the transition from gasoline to electric vehicles. Over their average lifecycle, EV’s produce 50% less GHG emissions than an equivalent size gasoline vehicle, and much less if the electricity used for charging, manufacturing and disposal/recycling of the EV is 100% renewable (e.g. hydro, wind, solar, geothermal). Furthermore, the charging stations' electricity would come from our NYUP grid, which, due to its low-emissions profile (because it is powered by hydro, nuclear and natural gas, followed by other renewables) means that, in operation, an EV powered by our charging stations would, on average, produce the same emissions as a 135mpg gas-powered car. This number could be further improved by increasing the percentage of renewables in our electricity profile through ESCO, CCA or Community Solar generation, all of which the Town is currently considering.

How much will it cost the Town of Philipstown?

In the Hudson Valley, public Dual-Port Level 2 EVSE’s cost on average $10,000 for parts and labor, $8,000 of which would be paid for by a NYS rebate. Customers would pay to use the charging stations.
Where may the Town of Philipstown install a Level 2 EVSE?
The Town can install an EVSE either on Town property or collaboratively on another public or private entity's property.

Who would use a Level 2 EVSE?

Potential users are Philipstown residents who do not have access to a Level 2 EVSE in their houses or apartments, tourists visiting Philipstown in an EV, and passersby who choose to stop in Philipstown to recharge their EV on their way to a further destination.

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* 1. If you drive or eventually were to drive an EV, would you use a public Level 2 EVSE in Philipstown?

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* 2. If NO to question 1, do you support the Town of Philipstown installing Level 2 EVSE’s in our community, whether to reduce our GHG emissions, attract more customers to our local businesses, or support neighbors who would use an EVSE?

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* 3. If YES to questions 1 or 2 above, where in Philipstown (including the Villages of Cold Spring and Nelsonville, as well as private parking lots) would you like to see a Level 2 EVSE or multiple Level 2 EVSE’s installed? Please list your top three choices in order of preference.