* 1. Have you ever been to a festival?

* 2. Are you planning to attend a festival in 2012?

* 3. If there was a self help guide, what features would you be interested in listening to/looking at?

* 4. Would you be inclined to use a basic 'what to pack' list as a starting point?

* 5. If there was a 'contact a festival goer' feature, would you be inclined to use it for advice?

* 6. Would you be interested in hearing brief tips for those attending foreign festivals?

* 7. Would having a website to back up any audio pieces make the whole thing easier to use and refer back to at your own leisure?

* 8. In the guide how would you rate the entertainment factor if you heard other peoples festival experiences?

* 9. Would you personally use the guide?

* 10. Do you feel that a parent/guardian would have a better peace of mind if they knew someone had read/listened to a guide put together by an experienced festival goer?

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