* 1. First Name

* 2. Last Name

* 3. E-Mail Address

* 4. Street Address (Home)

* 5. City

* 6. State

* 7. Zip Code

* 8. STATE Legislative District (if known)

* 9. What firm do you work for?

ACEC/MD Policy on Legislative Outreach List

ACEC/MD has developed a computerized data base that allows individuals to volunteer to assist ACEC/MD in its efforts to educate legislators regarding issues that are important to ACEC/MD member firms. ACEC/MD intends to reach out to registered individuals on specific issues and request their assistance in contacting their state or federal legislators. ACEC/MD has adopted this policy to protect the information it obtains and to ensure that the information is used solely for select ACEC/MD legislative efforts and for no other purpose.

What Information Does ACEC/MD Obtain?:
ACEC/MD allows individuals to register with the organization. Individuals provide their name, address and e-mail address. ACEC/MD determines the individual’s legislative district and elected representatives from the information provided.

How Does ACEC/MD Obtain the Information?:
ACEC/MD collects this information in three ways.
1. Any interested individual is able to register through the ACEC/MD web site.
2. ACEC/MD requests member firm representatives to advise their employees that they are able to register with ACEC/MD
3. Individuals are able to register at ACEC/MD sponsored events

What Does ACEC/MD Do With the Information It Collects From Individuals Who Register?:
ACEC/MD uses the individual’s address to determine their legislative district. Upon approval of the ACEC/MD legislative committee, ACEC/MD will contact the registered individual and request that he/she contact his/her legislator regarding a particular bill or legislative issue. ACEC/MD may provide draft or suggested letters, and may also provide information regarding the particular issue and ACEC/MD’s official position on that issue. ACEC/MD does not use the information obtained for any other purpose

How is the information Protected?:
ACEC/MD maintains a secure listing of the individuals who have registered. The list is not shared with or sold to any other organization. Specifically, ACEC/MD will not use the list to solicit registered individuals for any purpose other than the legislative contacts specifically approved by the ACEC/MD legislative committee.