* 1. What do you look for when shopping for personal care products?

* 2. Are you aware of the ingredients in your soaps, lotions, and shampoos?

* 3. Are you interested in all natural personal care products made in the US?

* 4. Would you be willing to pay more for a personal care product made from all natural ingredients?

* 5. How much more would you be willing to pay per item for all natural personal care products?

* 6. Do you try to purchase products that are made locally?

* 7. Where do you shop for your personal care products?

* 8. Does your purchase decisions depend on who you are purchasing the product for?

* 9. Do you search out all natural products for babies and/or children in your household?

* 10. Are you willing to pay more for all natural products aimed at babies and/or children?

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