1. Demographic Questions

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Thank you for assisting in this important survey. Drs. James Houran and Rense Lange are internationally recognized experts on the science of compatibility testing. They are studying the variables that best define stable relationships of a romantic and committed nature. Your answers to questions about your current serious relationship (or most recent serious relationship) will help to form a more comprehensive theory of love and attachment.

To begin, it is critical that we know about your background. Answer each profile question below. After these demographic questions we will ask you 45 special questions about your current (or most recent) serious relationship. Please respond candidly and honestly.

Your responses are completely confidential.

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* 12. Your ethnic heritage

* 13. Type of relationship you currently have (or had) with this partner

* 14. How long have you lived (or did you live if a past relationship) with this partner?

* 15. How did you meet your current (or most recent) love interest? Choose the response that most closely matches your situation