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About MRL

The Museums and Resilient Leadership Programme is a unique course designed to develop you as a new kind of leading museum professional. The Programme draws on a wealth of knowledge and insight about leadership in the cultural and commercial sectors. It puts this learning at your disposal to help you become a cultural leader for the 21st Century; resilient and entrepreneurial.

MRL commences on May 6 2015 and concludes in March 2016. It uses a highly innovative workshop format including two residentials, a number of site visits and an overseas study visit. The Programme offers a carefully developed blend of practice and theory drawn from the direct experience of the Faculty members of developing and running museums and arts organisations in the UK and internationally. 14 places are available; 5 will be selected from the East Midlands, 5 from the West Midlands and 4 from elsewhere in England. 


You are expected to prepare for and attend all the workshops and also to plan your own overseas research trip. MRL will fund all of your travel costs in the UK and abroad but the Programme will apply a cap to the overseas travel. You will be assigned a Mentor from the Core Faculty and there will be three ‘Mentorials’ over the course of the Programme; the dates for these will be arranged with your Mentor. You are expected to complete the programme Log online at least twice a month throughout the year, though you are free to make as many entires as you wish. The Log is structured to help with your Mentorials, to offer a space for reflection and thought and to chart your MRL journey. It will be accessed through a section of the MRL web site which is confidential to you and your Mentor.

Please review the outline Programme and the dates shown here: MRL 2015 - 2016 Programme Details.

Application Questionnaire

This Questionnaire, when completed, is automatically emailed to Black Country Living Museum (BCLM) where it will be reviewed by the Joint Programme Directors and the CEO of BCLM. It remains confidential. 

The Questionnaire is arranged over several web pages. Part of it contains structured questions and part asks for your own individual response in two areas. You should: a) describe an achievement you are proud of b) reflect on your career to date and say why you wish to apply for the MRL Programme. These two sections are limited to 250 words.  The questionnaire is important and we recommend you set aside some focused time in a quiet location to complete it. The questionnaire contains both multiple choice and free text answers; you should compose your two 250 word answers separately and copy and paste them into the appropriate answer box.  It is advisable to review the questionnaire first without making any entries, then return to the beginning and fill it in.  You can go back at any time to edit your responses but once you hit the 'Done' button you cannot make alterations.

Applications close at 5 p.m. on Thursday 31 March 2015.

MRL graduates from the 2013 - 2014 Programme reflect on its value:

“Overall I have found the Museums and Resilient Leadership Programme of huge personal benefit and even comfort.....”

“One of the most valuable aspects for me has been the time we have been afforded to reflect, to analyse our current situation and our ways of working, and to plan next steps. With workloads and pressures higher than ever in my current role this time for real reflection has been invaluable. The mentor sessions have also been particularly useful in this aspect. The content, both from external speakers and from sessions led by Nick, Stephen and Andrew, has been very varied but always r