Passenger Survey

We are conducting a survey to assist in determining how important expanded operations are to our passengers, and if reduce Dial-A-Ride fares, expanded service areas or expanded operating hours would be valuable to Grant County.  Please complete the survey below.  If you have any questions, please contact 541-575-2370

* 1. How important are lower Dial-A-Ride fares (Within John Day, Canyon City & to and from Mt Vernon and Prairie City during normal business hours)?

* 2. If Dial-A-Ride fares were lower for John Day, Canyon City, Prairie City & Mt Vernon during normal business hours, how likely are you to use The People Mover?

* 3. Having a weekly shopper shuttle to and from Dayville?

* 4. If there was a weekly shopper shuttle to and from Dayville, how likely are you to use it?

* 5. Are you interested in a weekly bus route to Ontario being available?

* 6. If the People Mover offered weekly bus services to Ontario, how likely are you to use that service?

* 7. How important is Expanded Operating Hours for the People Mover?

* 8. What hours of operation would you like to see the People Mover running?

* 9. If expanded hours of operation are added, how likely are you to use the People Mover?

* 10. Additional Comments or Suggestions