Feed back on AISC Fact Sheets

AISC identified good information on invasive species to be a key need for invasive species education and management.  The Fact Sheets were developed back in 2010 to meet that need.  The number of fact sheets available on the AISC website has grown to over 100.  That number is expected to reach nearly 150 in 2017.  We know some people use them extensively.  The Board of Directors has asked staff to survey users and determine the satisfaction with current fact sheets and if there are any areas for change or improvement.  Please provide your feedback so AISC continues to provide the best information on invasive species.

* 1. How many fact sheets did you read in 2016?

* 2. When did you start accessing AISC Fact Sheets?

* 3. Please indicate which category or categories of fact sheets have you accessed.  Check all that apply.

* 4. Which sections on the Fact Sheets do you read most often? Check all that apply.

* 5. Which section on the Fact Sheets do you find least useful? Choose one.

* 6. If applicable, tell us how could the fact sheets be improved?

* 7. How valuable are the Fact Sheets as a source of information on invasive species? Choose one answer

* 8. Are invasive species, invasive plants or weeds part of your job?

* 9. Have you distributed Fact Sheets to other people as part of your job?

* 10. Please share with AISC any comments you would like to make on Fact Sheets