This study is about the use of Twitter by colleges and universities, specifically its efficacy for emergency communications. Your institution need not use Twitter for you to participate.

This study is being undertaken as part of graduate study at Trinity Washington University by:

Timothy Russell

Participation in this study is completely voluntary - you can decide to stop at any point. Your information will be kept private. If you have any questions about your participation you can contact Timothy Russell at the above email address.

After some some contact information is collected to assure the validity of this study, there are 18 questions in the survey about Twitter - it takes about 7 minutes to fully complete.

Some questions in this survey are about Twitter use during two specific events in 2011: Hurricane Irene and the East Coast earthquake of August 23.
The following two questions determine your eligibility to participate in this study.

* 1. Were you born BEFORE Nov 1, 1993?

* 2. Are you involved in an official capacity in the communication of emergency information for your institution? (i.e., post emergency information to a website, send text messages, post information to social media, broadcast voicemails, etc.)