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* 1. North Carolina Sea Grant and UNC-TV thank you for taking this short survey about our "Coastwatch on North Carolina Now" series. The survey should take less than 10 minutes. The first three story packages for the series are available online at

Please identify your region.

* 2. Please identify the categories that describe your teaching situation. Check all that apply.

* 3. Have you used the "Coastwatch on North Carolina Now" video segments, print articles, and discussion questions in your classroom or do you intend to use them next year?

* 4. How did you learn about the series? Check all that apply.

* 5. Which "Coastwatch on North Carolina Now" topic have you used or plan to use next year? Check all that apply.

* 6. Did these materials (video segments, print articles, and discussion questions) fit into your curriculum?

* 7. If the materials did not fit your particular curriculum, would/did you suggest the series to another educator?

* 8. Did/Will these materials help your students learn content from your curriculum? Please select one of the following statements.

* 9. After using the materials, do you and/or your students have a greater understanding of broader issues listed below? Check all that apply.

* 10. Will information learned from this series affect your future actions and/or those of your students?

* 11. Please identify the subject area(s) where you used the materials. Check all that apply.

* 12. Which "Coastwatch on North Carolina Now" materials were useful to you? Check all that apply.

* 13. Would you like to see the "Coastwatch on North Carolina Now" series continue?

* 14. Please share any additional comments particular to your educational setting, including specific honors or challenges.

* 15. If your students had particular comments on these lessons, please share them with us.

* 16. If you agree to follow-up contact on this project, please provide your contact information. This is a secure site, thus others will not see your information.