A Post-Millennial Survey!

Please take our survey on kids and tech - and food! 
Our youngest generation is growing up quickly and in a world that is changing rapidly. This survey is designed to capture their emerging habits, needs and preferences, particularly their digital use and tastes.

Our youngest children are not like the Millennial generation preceding them. Childhood in the early 21st century differs uniquely from that of generations past. And yet, our children's world is in many ways designed to solve yesterday's problems while leaving future needs unresolved. This is why a growing number of companies and organizations are using generational insights to inform their strategic decisions. As a foresight consultant, I help companies and organizations shape strategies to meet these new challenges. To this end, your answers will be extremely valuable. And hopefully you will learn something new about your child too!

Your answers will be submitted anonymously and never misused. If you agree, your child may answer the survey himself/herself, but make sure you look over the survey first so you agree to the questions asked. If you answer on behalf of your child, please make sure you know the answers. Your child may surprise you!

The survey can accommodate up to three children. If this is too much and you can't decide whether to answer for your son or daughter, please answer for your son. The survey will be post-stratified to ensure representativeness, but at the moment boys are underrepresented.

The survey only takes a few minutes and your participation is greatly appreciated. Please rest assured that neither you nor your child will ever receive unsolicited emails as a result of participating in this survey. 

For more information, please check out: After the Millennials.