Support for Flood Risk Management Project, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, New York District

The undersigned organizations strongly support Federal funding for the long-promised Flood Risk Mitigation Project to avert the continued loss of and damage to property, death, displacement, and homelessness resulting from major flood events in Westchester County, specifically in Mamaroneck. Additionally, this project will support efforts to advance safe and affordable housing for all residents of Mamaroneck.

The Time is Now After Decades of Advocacy and Promises

The trauma and loss due to Hurricane Ida has impacted many communities and many lives in Westchester from all backgrounds.  In Mamaroneck, there is a solution that will mitigate the devastation that continues to negatively affect all residents and businesses and to most severely impact immigrant and low-income communities, and people of color. 

A combination of low channel capacity, small bridge openings, developmental encroachment along the Mamaroneck and Sheldrake Rivers Basin, urbanization, and a poor flow conveyance at the confluence of both rivers has contributed to significant and frequent flooding.   The much-needed and long-anticipated Army Corps of Engineers project to mitigate flooding in Mamaroneck was not included in President Biden’s budget plan. We call upon our members of Congress to provide this needed, and lifesaving, funding in the reconciliation legislation or infrastructure legislation.

Fact Sheet
Village of Mamaroneck Army Corps Flood Project

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