Thank you for your interest in the test developed by Staffing Industry Analysts office in Europe. Please help us to learn more about you by answering the questions below and hone your analytic skills at the same time. Typically, this survey takes about 30-40 minutes to complete.

* 1. So we can contact you with feedback, please provide the following:

* 2. What's wrong with the following chart?

Chart for Question 2

Chart for Question 2

* 3. In a survey of engineering companies, results show that weighted-average revenue growth among respondents is above the 75th percentile. What does this MOST LIKELY say about the survey respondents?

* 4. If a company's profit rose from €50 million to €75 million, by what percentage did its profit increase?

* 5. This position is based in London:

* 6. Do you have any significant experience in the following? (Answer all that apply.)

* 7. As best you can, in the space below reword the following paragraph for the purpose of improving grammar, punctuation and clarity.

There are three things I can't stand, clocks which always seem to be driving me on are not the most important of these but its one of them. On the other hand, they sometimes help. The worst is disease because it make people sick. When people come buy asking for money, I make a point of supporting pretty much every disease. And the third thing, that I would rank, between clocks and disease, is banks as they are never open and apart from that have no redeeming feature.