* 1. Would you consider buying a book about veganism and what questions would you like it to answer?

* 2. What are your main concerns about becoming vegan?

* 3. What are your main reasons for considering a vegan lifestyle?

* 4. How do you believe veganism would negatively impact your life? Check all that apply:

* 5. If you are already vegan, what advice would you like to share with those interested in adopting a vegan lifestyle?

* 6. If you are already vegan, what difficulties have you encountered?

* 7. Do you believe a vegan lifestyle would inhibit/has inhibited your social life and ability to enjoy the company of people who are not vegan?

* 8. Other than omitting animal products from your diet, how has your eating changed? Check all that apply:

* 9. When considering vegan foods, which appeal to you most? Check all that apply: