1. Big Picture Survey

Big Picture Scrapbooking continues to deliver innovative courses to inspire creativity and personal development. Many of the BPS courses are designed to bring a lot of joy and self discovery into people’s lives! We know that hard times are upon us and during a slow economy, a creative outlet and focus on positive connections with family, friends and community can be very important.

That being said, we want to hear from YOU about whether BPS is helping you cope with every day stresses and helping you find the inspiration you need! Please take five minutes to answer the following three questions. Thanks!

* 1. The economic challenges we are all facing can be very stressful. Is your commitment to creative expression and your time at BPS helping you cope with these everyday stresses? If so, how?

* 2. Many of us feel short on time and money these days. Big Picture Scrapbooking would like to help you unlock your creativity and find the energy and inspiration you need. How are we doing? What else can we do?

* 3. Please share a time when you’ve logged onto the BPS site and connected with other students on topics beyond scrapbooking. When have you reached out within the BPS community looking for support from others or simply shared a compelling story? Please provide specific examples.

* 4. Your email address: