Disposal of soil containing low concentrations of asbestos is principally an occupational health and safety matter. Environmental and health and safety regulations and guidance on the management of contaminated soil, and transport and disposal of contaminated soil to landfill are not integrated. This has created national inconsistency in approaches to the transportation and landfilling of asbestos contaminated soils.

As a stakeholder/interested party involved in the management of asbestos contaminated soil, your views and opinions on this issue are invaluable to assist in framing and developing appropriate and practical guidance on the stewardship, management and disposal of soil containing low concentrations of asbestos.

A WasteMINZ working group has drafted a position statement to initiate the development of a consistent risk-based approach to managing the disposal of soils containing low concentrations of asbestos. Development will be via industry-wide consultation and the agreed approach incorporated into the Waste industry guidelines to manage the collection, receipt, transport and disposal of asbestos waste (2019) .      

Please review the position statement and respond to the following questions by Friday, 3 April 2020. 

If you have any questions, please contact  Thank you. 
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