* 1. Overall, how satisfied were you with the Healthy Corner Stores toolkit?

* 2. The information in the Healthy Corner Stores toolkit is:

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Easy to find
User friendly
Relevant to the issue

* 3. How helpful did you find each of the following resources?

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Recruit: Potential Allies
Recruit: Recruitment Basics
Recruit: Recognition Plan
Engage: Engaging With Diverse Audiences
Engage: Social Media Resources and Tips
Engage: Using Social Media to Reach Journalists
Mobilize: Action Alerts
Mobilize: The Value of Phone Outreach
Mobilize: Hosting a Media Event
Mobilize: Media Training Tips
Mobilize: Why Op-Eds Matter
Mobilize: Meeting with Legislators
Mobilize: Days at the Capitol
Lobbying vs. Non-Lobbying Checklist
Sample Emotional Op-Ed
Sample Rational Op-Ed
Action Alerts
Social Media Sample Messaging
Newsletter Blurbs
Sample Blog Post: Letters to the Editor
Case Studies
Index of Potential Allies

* 4. Which resources did you find most useful?

* 5. Which resources did you find least useful?

* 6. What materials would you like to see added to the toolkit?

* 7. The organization that I work for is the/a/an: