Congratulations on receiving funding for improved nitrogen management though the On-Farm Climate Action Fund in either Nova Scotia or Newfoundland and Labrador. 

As part of the funding agreement, you must complete continuing education credit(s) in the BMP area of your funding approval.

This survey will give you 1 credit if you have been approved for an Enhanced Efficiency Nitrogen Fertilizer Project (i.e. for the use of nitrification and urease inhibitors).

After reading Perennia's Enhanced Efficiency Nitrogen Fertilizer factsheet and answering the 3 multiple choice questions below, please send in the proof of completion shown at the end to the OFCAF Funding Administration team ( in order to receive the credit.

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* Contact Information

Question Title

* If 100 pounds of nitrogen fertilizer are applied to a field, about how much nitrogen is lost due to leaching or denitrification?

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* Nitrification inhibitors may not increase yield, but they can:

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* Enhanced efficiency nitrogen fertilizers can be thought of as:

Remember to send a screenshot or picture of the completion page that you will see after clicking "Done" to the OFCAF Funding Administration Team ( in order to receive your required education credit for OFCAF Funding!