ASN Loan Mitigation Pilot Program Pre-Application Checklist:

  • Confirm eligibility by referencing the eligibility criteria found in the application instructions.
  • Determine eligible loan totals; you will be required to enter an estimate amount.
  • Prepare written portion of personal statement (16 MB file size limit)
    • Template can be downloaded here.
  • Prepare video portion of personal statement and upload to hosting site (e.g. YouTube). You will be asked to share a link to your video in the application. Videos should not exceed two minutes. Please answer the below prompt in your video:
    • Share something unique about yourself or describe a situation that has shaped you as a person. The selection committee is looking to gauge who candidates are outside of their CVs. Do not include topics that you have covered in your personal statement.
  • Identify your three professional references and have their contact information available to enter in the application (letters submitted in ERAS can be used for this application)
    • One reference must be a residency Training Program Director
  • Answers to other frequently asked questions can be found here.