SPEW Leadership

In this last part, we will be examining how effectively SPEW is administered.

* 1. How well do you think the lines of communication function in SPEW?

* 2. On the whole, how well do you feel SPEW is run?

* 3. Do you feel that you’re given the tools you need to improve your skills as a member?

* 4. Do you consider ToBeOrNotToBeAGryffindor/Jess to be a good example to the membership?

* 5. Do you consider Jess to be fair?

* 6. Have you ever felt hesitation about approaching Jess about anything related to SPEW?

* 7. Have you ever considered quitting SPEW for reasons other than time constraints? If yes, why?

* 8. In the box below, you have free reign to speak your mind about anything SPEW-related. The comments you make will not be made public or identified as yours, so please, be honest. You can broach any topic or expand on any of the previous questions. In short, if you want Jess to know about it, please speak now.