* 1. Which is more effective? Telephone interviews or face to face interviews?

* 2. With technology, social media and viral campaigns advancing and growing extremely popular, should candidates advertise their services beyond the traditional CV?

* 3. What is more important on a prospective candidates CV? Work experience or a degree?

* 4. Do young people who take jobs without prospects jump from unemployed to underemployed?

* 5. Does this solve the problem?

* 6. How well does your Local Government tackle unemployment?

* 7. Do the Government need to implement processes and factors into their procurement methods that benefit SME’s?

* 8. Which incentives does your business or organisation have implemented to tackle youth unemployment?

* 9. How important is it to your employer to hire people from minority groups?

* 10. Are recruitment agencies effective for tackling youth unemployment? (This does not include the job centre)

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