* 1. I think research will help find better care and treatment options for me/my family member with an eosinophilic disorder.

The more stars you mark, the more important research is to you/your family.

* 2. We are developing a priority list of projects for our research fund and would really value input from members. Please respond to each of the suggested projects below with a rating of between 1 (not important) and 5 (critically important).

My priorities for the ausEE research fund are:

  1 - not important to me 2 - a little important to me 3 - important to me 4 - very important to me 5 - critically important to me
Care and treatment guidelines for eosinophilic disorders
Quality of life impacts for people living with eosinophilic disorders and their families/carers
The cost of living with eosinophilic disorders for individuals and families 
The prevalence of eosinophilic disorders in Australia 

* 3. Do you have any other comments, questions, or ideas about our research priorities?