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* 1. Your responses to the survey tool will help the Minister, Worship Team, and Sunday morning volunteers plan for the future, to make your experience at UUCL all that it should be! Thank you SO MUCH for taking the time to give honest and encouraging answers.
No anonymous comments will be accepted; however, you may always request a meeting with either the Minister or the Committee on Ministry if you wish to express concerns in person.

* 2. Date & Title of Service

* 3. Tell us a bit more about yourself

* 4. Which of these words best describes your overall experience at UUCL this morning, from arrival through after-church social events?

If you can, give a brief explanation (1-2 sentences)

* 5. Would you recommend Sunday morning at UUCL to others, based upon today's experience?

* 6. Please mark all that apply.

* 7. Our Music Director, Sally Mc Cord, often plans special music for the first 5-10 minutes of the service. This is called "Opening Music," and features the talents of UUCL members and friends.

Please mark all that apply:

* 8. Hymns are the songs with which the congregation sings along.

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* 9. Choir & Other Music:
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* 10. Please comment on the Minister/Worship Associate portion of the service. Choose all that apply.

* 11. Please tell us about your experience beyond the formal service. Choose all that apply.

* 12. Please tell us anything else that you feel would be helpful or that you think we need to know. Your answers will not be published or shared beyond Staff and key leaders without your permission (don't forget to include contact info, especially if you are not a member).