School Leadership Profile Survey

* 1. From the perspective of what the school needs, rank the top 6 most important characteristics and the bottom 4 least important characteristics you value in a school leader.

  Most Important Least Important
Construct inclusive spaces
Integrate cultural understanding into practice
Persist through challenges
Practice continuous learning
Nurture community connections
Leverage your own and others’ expertise
Empower others to excel
Listen to understand
Ground decisions in integrity
Build trusting relationships
Commit, follow through, and own outcomes
Pursue authentic engagement
Respond to performance differences
Define a compelling vision for success
Innovate and take smart risks
Craft and execute effective plans
Allocate time and resources purposefully
Lead with an equity lens
Welcome everyone with respect
Communicate with honesty and transparency
Influence others’ attitudes and actions
Set and maintain a high bar for performance
Cultivate talent
Set ambitious goals
Adapt to the needs of others

* 2. Think about your school’s current strengths and where you might like to see change or improvement.  Prioritize the following areas for improvement: (1) most important area for growth to (6) least important area for growth.

* 3. What do you perceive to be the most important reasons a school leader would want to work at your school? Select up to three choices.

* 4. What experiences do you value in a new school leader? Select up to three choices.

* 5. Please use this space to share additional information related to your school or school leader needs.

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