* 1. In responding, "Yes," to this question, I am confirming that I am 18 years of age or older or that my parents/guardians have given me consent to complete this survey.

* 2. In responding, "Yes," to this question, I understand that my responses on this survey are completely anonymous and will only be used in a study about Internet fandoms.

* 3. Are you male, female, or another category you identify as?

* 4. What age range do you belong to?

* 5. Based on the following definition, an Internet fandom is a group of people who like a book, movie, band, TV series, etc. and use the Internet to post fanworks and connect with other fans, do you feel like you are a member of an Internet fandom?

* 6. Do you feel society’s general feelings on Internet fandoms are positive or negative?

* 7. Have you ever experienced bullying that resulted from you being a member of an Internet fandom, whether it was in real-life or through cyberbullying?

* 8. Can you give a specific example of an incident of ​real-life bullying or ​cyberbullying that stemmed from the victim being​ a member of an Internet fandom? Please be specific.