Parish Wide Prep Survey

Thank you for taking time to complete this survey! Your input as a parishioner is very valuable to the parish staff to help us create the most effective faith formation program for families at St. Cecilia's!

* 1. Do you have children in K - 6?

* 2. If yes, please note which category applies to your family:

* 3. If no, have you ever volunteered with PREP?

* 4. If your children do not attend PREP, what are the main reasons you do not attend? Please check all that apply.

* 5. What mass does your family typically attend on the weekend?

* 6. How frequently does your family attend mass?

* 7. Many Catholics do not regularly attend Mass. What are some of the obstacles your family encounters to attending Mass?

* 8. What would make it easier for your family to attend Mass over the weekend?

* 9. If your child/ren do not attend PREP, what could be done to make it possible for your child/ren to attend?

* 10. If you do not have children of age for PREP, how valuable is PREP to the parish?

* 11. If you do not have PREP age children, would you consider being a catechist for PREP?

* 12. Do you have any suggestions for how PREP could be improved?

* 13. If you do not have PREP aged children, how helpful do you feel PREP is to the parish and the community?

* 14. What is your expectations of the Pastoral Assistant for Faith Formation? Please check all that apply.

* 15. I feel confident that the PREP catechists have a strong knowledge of the Catholic faith and practices.

* 16. THANK YOU for your time and thought in completing this questionnaire. Survey responses are anonymous. If you would like to share any other information, please do so below. 
In Christ, 
Fr. Mitchell

* 17. Overall, how would you rate PREP, based on what you know about the program?