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* 1. Name 

* 2. What way do you feel most comfortable learning in a technology classroom? (Also, think about what form of learning makes you most excited to learn!)

* 3. What device do you use most often (for both homework and fun)

* 4. Please rank in order what you use your computer/lap top for (4 = mostly used for)

* 5. Please select the option below which best describes your placement into this course

* 6. What three Web sites do you most frequently visit?

* 7. Is this your first computer class at Natick High School? (If "No" please list the other technology courses which you have been enrolled in at NHS in the space provided below. Example: Video Productions, Robotics, Game Design, Animation, Yearbook...)

* 8. Please share any past experience you have connected to the curriculum which will be covered in this class. (This can include any other media art courses you have been enrolled in at NHS; Commerical Art, Yearbook, Game Design, Video Productions)

* 9. What is one challenge you think you may face while taking this class?

* 10. What would you like to learn in this class?