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Review the following PPD mock exam questions in preparation for the September ARE Live episode by 12:00PM Central Time on Thursday, September 15, 2022.

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* 1. An architect is working on a historic renovation project during the preliminary stages of design.  The project includes removing the rear wall of the building to make room for an addition.  A new 16’ long simply supported beam will be added, and the the team has determined that it has two loads acting on it:
  • Uniform load of 200 pounds per linear foot
  • Point load of 600 pounds 4 feet from the left end of the beam
What is the reaction at the rightmost support of the beam?  Round to the nearest pound.

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* 2. An architect is designing a new construction hotel project with 60 guest rooms, a restaurant, and a lobby.  The architect is working with the mechanical engineer to make recommendations on the HVAC system for the project before an upcoming meeting with the client.  The client has expressed a preference for all water systems.  

Which of the following systems should be recommended?  Check the two that apply.

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* 3. An architect is working on the roof plan of a proposed flat-plate concrete 19-story multi-family residential building and is coordinating the structural design with the MEP equipment that will be located on the roof.  The roof level is located at the maximum allowable building height per the local zoning ordinance, but mechanical equipment and supports are allowed to be higher than the maximum building height.  The specified emergency generator is a good deal heavier than originally anticipated, and the structural engineer advised the architect that the current 8” thick slab is not adequate to carry the load.  The generator is located between columns and cannot be relocated.  The penthouse unit is below and the owner is concerned about maintaining the ceiling height in that unit - there will be no dropped ceiling. 

Which of the following solutions addresses the structural issue and is most cost effective?

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* 4. An architect is working on a mixed-use project with a new client during the programming phase.  The project will primarily consist of an adult day care facility on the 2nd through 5th floors, and the architect is assisting the developer in understanding what types of uses could be included on the ground floor of the project.  The building will be equipped with an automatic sprinkler system in accordance with the 2018 International Building Code, section 903.3.1.1. 

Which of the following uses are permitted if a one-hour fire barrier is provided?  Check the three that apply.

Note:  Questions like this on the ARE will likely be found in case studies, with appropriate IBC codes provided as references.  Refer to the 2018 IBC, chapters 3 and 5, to determine your response.

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* 5. A project architect is designing an accessible ramp for a municipal building and is reviewing the design parameters with a principal at the firm before getting started.  The finished floor of the building is 35 inches above the parking lot, and the ramp will connect the two.  The ramp will be constructed of dimensional lumber and will extend to the paved parking area, which will act as the bottom landing. 

What is the minimum run of the dimensional lumber ramp? Round to the nearest foot.

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