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* 1. Apply grouping on source data

You can now group source record fields after the source application returns the records. Each group is treated as a single record for the remainder of your flow. For example, you can export records from an HTTP application or SQL database and group the records based on a JSON field or column value. Then, import each group as a JSON record or database row, containing every record in the group. The records are constructed and saved, but they must adhere to the 5 MB page-size limit.

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* 2. Power users can configure connectors with all available HTTP settings

We’ve quietly been releasing HTTP-based connectors, such as Workday and UPS with a modified interface. Its Simple view is designed to fill in the app-aware settings, much like before, and let you provide just the minimum info needed to set up the connection for your flows:

When you switch to the HTTP view, the Create or Edit connection panel then preserves the app connection’s settings with the context of the complete universal HTTP connection, giving you full access to its options, according to the auth type you need.

The “Form view” option for exports and imports is also more powerful for new and revised connectors, with a similar HTTP view toggle, giving you more control over the resources and requests than the prebuilt Simple view.

This connector framework applies to all new HTTP-based connectors, and we’ll be periodically updating current app connectors, independent of the product release cycle. For an up-to-date example, see Narvar.

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* 3. Use popular JavaScript libraries in your integrator․io scripts

integrator.io will now natively support two popular JavaScript libraries – dayjs and sjcl. You can write an import statement at the start of your script to use the libraries and leverage their powerful functions.

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* 4. New connectors

Prebuilt connectors are now available for NarvarUPS, and Workday.


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* 5. Mapper 2.0 enhancements

Mapper 2.0 has emerged from “beta” release with these important new features. You can now:
  • Drag and drop rows across different hierarchies.
  • Search a specific field in the destination record structure.
  • Select data types for source fields in the Settings panel.
Other enhancements to Mapper 2.0 include:
  • The custom mapping action’s default boolean fields are limited to true and false when the boolean destination field doesn’t exist or doesn’t have a value.
  • The source field’s value is retained when you switch from an [array] type field to a non [array] type field.
  • Child rows for an [object] destination field are not removed when the source field is modified.
  • Expression values are better inferred.
  • Child rows are in sync for [object] fields in all sources except deletion. Deletion is specific to the individual source of an [object] field.
  • Improved data type validation, saving incomplete mappings, and more usability enhancements.

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* 6. Error management streamlined for ease of use

We’ve enhanced troubleshooting for improved runtime errors. Now you can view error details and resolve or retry errors in fewer steps from a single view.

Additionally, in the Error Management feature, you can monitor retries in each flow step and in the Retries tab, which gives you an easy-to-understand status of error retries per run.

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