Panhandling Survey

We'd like to collect feedback from business owners about the impact of panhandling in San Rafael.

Aggressive panhandling: Solicitation made in person for immediate donation of money or other gratuity. This may be done by vocal appeal (coercing/badgering, sympathy appeals, manipulation, harassment, threats/intimidation, or demands)
Passive panhandling: Non-vocal appeal (usage of signs or other signals to invoke sympathy such as gestures, postures, children, animals, or props such as toys and musical instruments).

* 1. How often do you get panhandled passively?

* 2. How often do get panhandled aggressively?

* 3. How often do you give to panhandlers?

* 4. On average, how many panhandlers do you see a day?

* 5. Do you think panhandling has had an effect on your business?

* 6. Have the "Put Your Change to Work" donation meters made a positive impact in downtown San Rafael?

* 7. Have you seen a decrease in panhandling on 4th St since the "Put Your Change to Work" meters launched last fall?

* 8. Would you like to see more meters and signage in downtown?

* 9. Do you think the City of San Rafael and Downtown Streets Team should expand this program to other parts of the community?