Welcome to the Tasmanian Off Grid Households Survey

Thank you for participating in the survey. This survey is aimed at households in Tasmania, Australia who are not connected to the central electricity network or grid. If you do have a grid-connection at your home, then this survey is not one for you. If you are off grid, then please continue. The survey should take you no more than 10 minutes to answer.  Your input will really help because at the moment there is very little data or research about households who are off grid in Tasmania.

This survey forms part of a wider project called ‘Smart Grids, Messy Society? An evaluation of the implementation of smart grids in Australia’. The research is about the use of new technologies that allow electricity to be provided differently, including going off grid.  It is a social science research project, examining how learning is taking place from new ways of doing things related to 'smart grid' technologies. The research is led by Associate Professor Heather Lovell, who is based at the School of Social Sciences, University of Tasmania (UTAS), and is funded by the Australian Research Council. Further information about the purpose of the survey and the wider research project can be found here.

By completing this survey you are giving your consent to be part of the research (more detail on what consent involves can be found here). You should also be aware of the University of Tasmania's Privacy Policy, which will be adhered to.