* Please enter your personal and academic information below. Enter the information EXACTLY as it appears on your passport, where applicable.

* Please enter your CURRENT contact information below. Your current contact information is where you may currently be contacted - for example, your personal cell phone number and your mailing address at school.

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Have you been living in or attending school in the United States within the last five months?
If yes, do you plan to travel outside of the United States before school starts?
Other application information

* Please list potential courses you are interested in taking during your semester at Barnard.
Courses which VISP students are eligible to take while at Barnard include:
-courses designated BC, C, V and W;
-courses numbered from 1000 through 4999.
VISP students are not eligible to take any course designated G, K, I, J U or any other letter, or any course number beginning with 6000 or higher.
A list of courses open to Spring 2013 VISP students can be found here: https://barnard.edu/global/visp/acceptance (please note that a list of 2014 courses will not be available until November 2013)

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