College of Business Alumni Survey: The Usefulness of Legal Courses in Business School

Greetings College of Business alumna/alumnus,

We are conducting a survey to help improve undergraduate business curricula. We would greatly appreciate your feedback to help determine the strengths and weaknesses in our current offerings, particularly with regard to legal topics. Our duty is to assure that business majors will be prepared to overcome obstacles in the real business world. We are seeking to discover how much and what kind of legal training business majors need to be successful.

This survey should take you about 10 minutes to complete. Your answers will be completely anonymous and will not be linked to you in any way. The survey answers we receive will be pooled with business school graduates from schools throughout the region.
We genuinely appreciate your time to help with our research.

-Professors John Tanner, Chase Edwards, Stacey Chamberlain, & Reece Theriot