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Info: God willing, in September 2018, we will be opening a K-8 Orthodox Christian Day-School in Hamilton.

So far, with the blessing of His Grace Bishop Mitrofan, Bishop of the Serbian Orthodox Diocese of Canada, a planning committee has been formed and both a school building and talented Orthodox school teacher have been secured.

The school will be pan-Orthodox to serve all Orthodox Christian children in the Hamilton area.

Location: St. Vladimir’s Ukrainian Orthodox Cathedral, 855 Barton St E, Hamilton, ON  
Mission: To meet the educational, developmental and spiritual needs of our Orthodox children in a warm, loving, Christian environment. Our aim is to provide students with the highest level of instruction, care, attention and tools that they need to succeed in this world while also training their hearts and minds for the world to come. As parents and teachers, it is our calling to do our utmost to raise saints. With prayer, our staff will work together with parents and local priests to raise our children to be truly loving, caring, thoughtful and intelligent human beings, capable of and motivated to, live up to their full God-given potential.
Questionnaire: The below questionnaire is being distributed to help us determine the level of interest amongst families as well as other necessary information to help us best plan the start of this school. Please respond to the following questions.

Cost: Regarding cost, please note that this will be determined based on the number of students registered and the subsequent number of staff required. We are seeking a charitable status, and as such are not naturally seeking to make a profit. We will keep costs as low as possible.

As private schools in Ontario are evidently not publicly funded, we will be running annual fundraising events in Orthodox communities in Southern Ontario to help keep the cost of our school as affordable as possible and to allow us to offer grants to families that qualify.

Please also note that we are in the process of filing an Application for Registration as a Charitable organization under the Income Tax Act (Canada). God willing, once approved we will be allowed to issue Charitable Donation receipts for: 
a) donations and 

b) a significant portion of the tuition cost

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* 1. Level of interest: How interested would you be in sending your children to an Orthodox Christian private school in Hamilton?

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* 2. Age: How old are your children?

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* 3. Transportation: Would you or a relative be able to drop off and pick up your child from school daily?

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* 4. Are there are any factors that would prohibit you from enrolling your students at HTOCA?

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* 5. Do you have any suggestions or ideas?

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* 6. Please record your name and contact information as well as the name of your parish