Thank you for providing valuable input regarding stormwater in Bonner Springs!

The City of Bonner Springs is developing a Stormwater Master Plan to prioritize major stormwater improvements for the next 20 years. Thank you in advance for your time and input. Your response is essential in developing the plan. Questions about the survey can be directed to Justin Klaudt, City Engineer, at 816-701-3178.

* 1. Resident's Name

* 2. Property Address(s)

* 3. Telephone Numbers

* 4. Email Address

* 5. Are you a part of a Home Owner/Neighborhood Association?

* 6. Is the Resident the owner of the property?

* 7. If No, provide the following:

* 8. Type of property:

* 9. Foundation type:

* 10. If your foundation is a basement, is it finished?

* 11. What type of stormwater issue are you experiencing?

* 12. How has the floodwater entered the structure? (Select all that apply)

* 13. Do you live adjacent to a creek or drainage ditch?

* 14. How long have you lived at this address?

* 15. How many times has flooding occurred at your location during the past 5 years?

* 16. Would you provide an easement to construct a project, if programmed and funded?

* 17. Describle the flooding issue(s):

* 18. Additional comments or concerns: