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Every year, the graduating class chooses the details of the Baccalaureate service, which will be held on Friday, May 15, at 7pm. Please share with us your preferences for a theme, which professor you would like to hear speak, and the text from which that person will speak.

This survey will close on March 21th. Thank you for your involvement.

* 1. Please indicate your first and second choice of a faculty member to speak at Baccalaureate.

  Choice One Choice Two
Mark Burrows
Nick Carter
M.T. Davila
Sarah Drummond
Carole Fontaine
Brita Gill-Austern
Mark Heim
Bill Herzog
Jef Jones
Simon Lee
Mary Luti
Greg Mobley
Nancy Nienhuis
Beth Nordbeck
Bob Pazmino
Sharon Thornton
Ben Valentin
Nimi Wariboko

* 2. What scripture or reading would you like to hear the speaker focus on during Baccalaureate? For scripture, please indicate book, chapter and verse. For non-Bible sacred readings, please reference author and source.

* 3. What theme would you like the Baccalaureate service to focus on?

Note: the alumni convocation theme this year is "sacred places," which we can use as a guide or not.

* 4. Please indicate whether you would like a specific faculty member to speak on a specific reading and/or theme.

* 5. Other suggestions or comments: