Please note that all volunteer requests must be made at least three weeks in advance of the date that you would like the volunteer to begin their service.

* 2. Name of Staff to Supervise Volunteer

* 3. Supervisor availability

  9 AM - 1 PM 1 PM - 5 PM 5 PM - 9 PM  N/A

* 4. Please describe the nature of the task you would like the volunteer to complete.

* 5. Are there any skills or education background requirements you would like this volunteer to have at a minimum?

* 6. Are there any personal qualities that are integral to the position? (e.g. friendly and outgoing; consistent and firm; approachable and not overwhelming; organized; self-starting.)

* 7. How often would you like this volunteer to come to their shift?

* 8. How many volunteers would you like for this task?

* 9. In addition to the required clearances for volunteers in this position, would you like this volunteer to undergo further screening in one of the following ways?

* 10. My program manager has approved this volunteer request.