* 1. Assimilation and Homonormativity | Queer vs. LGBT

* 2. Allyship vs. Co-Opting of LGBTQ Movements and Cultural Appropriation

* 3. How do "Isms" Continue to Be Perpetuated in Queer and LGBT spaces?

* 4. Mainstream Media's Role In Sustaining and Supporting Norms and Exclusivity | Mainstream Media's Coverage and Depiction of Criminalization, Violence, and The Prison Industrial Complex (PIC)

* 5. Living Under Capitalism | one way to discuss might be: Reconciling Radical Politics When Working for the Government or Large Institutions. Combining Inside and Outside Voices.

* 6. Trans 101 Panels - Are They Really Helpful and To What End

* 7. Centering Immigration policies in Trans* and Queer Movements - Nationalism, Colonization, and Imperialism

* 8. Can We Say That? A Never Ending and Evolving Struggle With Language