In Adobe InDesign, there's a Glyph Panel that allows you to view all the glyphs in a font, and insert ay glyph into your text. Prior to InDesign CS3, the glyphs were displayed in the same physical order they happen to be stored in the font (GID/CID order). In InDesign CS3 and later, the default is to display them in Unicode order, though one can optionally change to Unicode order. Either way, one can also filter to display only specific Unicode ranges such as Latin Extended B or Cyrillic.

(Some operating systems and font management applications have similar functionality.)

If you're unfamiliar with GID ordering, a few more words may be in order. The order to which glyphs are assigned Glyph IDs (GIDs) is essentially arbitrary. It may be standardized across fonts from one vendor (as Adobe does), and it may be deliberately controlled by the font developer, or seemingly arbitrary depending on the order they designed the glyphs in. It's really up to the person who made the font whether they control the GID ordering or not.

* 1. Which do you prefer to have as the default order for the glyphs displayed in the InDesign Glyph Panel?

* 2. System level character choosers such as the OS X Character Palette and the Windows Character Map currently only offer a Unicode sorting order. Should they also offer an option to sort by GID/CID?

* 3. Some font management applications also offer a glyph viewing palette or panel. Currently, as far as I know, they sort the glyphs by Unicode only. Should they also offer an option to sort by GID/CID?

* 4. How deeply involved are you with fonts and typography?

* 5. What computer platform(s) do you spend at least 20% of your time on? (check all that apply)