Dear Global Community,
The SSSC is striving to increase the diversity of the boards of its subsidiary organizations. We hope to expand our perspective and breadth of experience by attracting leaders from a broad array of backgrounds. To that end, we are seeking interested and talented community members to populate our for profit and nonprofit boards. 

This survey will help us to gauge your interest and understand better ways to communicate board service opportunities to you.

We encourage you to fill out this questionnaire if you have ever considered serving on a board, would like to see more diversity on the SSSC and subsidiary boards, or would like to lend your voice to the Governance process.

Please read about the Dharmic Organizations of the SSSC before filling out this questionnaire: 
3HO (Happy, Healthy, Holy):
3HO Europe (Happy, Healthy, Holy Europe):
KRI: (Kundalini Research Institute):
SDI: (Sikh Dharma International)
SDEI: (Sikh Dharma Education International)
LYF: (LYF Management)
KIIT: (Khalsa International Industries & Trade):
SSSC: (Siri Singh Sahib Corporation):

Thank you for your participation!