During the Fall and Spring Semester RESA Will send out periodic surveys to update our membership list
and best serve our members.

Renewable Energy Student Association at Austin Community College is now a student chapter of American Solar Energy Society making Austin Community College the FIRST community college in the nation to have a student chapter of American Solar Energy Society! GO RIVER BATS!!

RESA requires all members to remain “active”. This may include frequent participation in group activities
such as regular attendance in group meetings, participation in any or several of the functional committees, or any other activity deemed necessary by the officers and Faculty Advisor. This organization, including all of its members, will not discriminate against anyone on the basis of race, creed, color, gender, age, nationality, disability or sexual orientation in accordance to the laws and rules of the federal, state of Texas and Austin Community College.


All membership in the association shall be open to any students, faculty and staff of Austin Community College, industry professionals, businesses and organizations. Members are encouraged to be part of national organization, American Solar Energy Society (ASES).

The association breaks down the membership requirements into two parts: General Membership and Associate Membership. Members are free to leave and disassociate without fear or retribution or harassment.

General Membership

a. Membership is limited to registered students, both undergraduate and continuing education, of the Austin Community College, who are members of American Solar Energy Society. Any student at Austin Community College is eligible to become a member of this student chapter.

b. Each member shall pay dues with reduced student discount levied by ASES per year to be an active member with full benefits and rights including voting on matters concerning this organization and be eligible to hold office on the Executive Committee.

Associate Membership

Membership is granted to faculty, staff, and the spouses of members, other students who are not a member of ASES, industry professionals, businesses and organizations. Associate members may not hold office or vote on matters concerning this organization, but are fully entitled to the remainder of the rights and benefits as enjoyed by a general member. There is no membership due nor is Associate Members required to join ASES.

Note: For complete copy of RESA Student Chapter By-Law, please contact austinccresa@gmail and ask for a copy.