PRACTICUM - Formative Assessment

Complete this form as an assessment of one lesson taught. Please refer to the paper copy of the DETAILED RUBRIC as you complete the assessment. Thanks!

Question Title

* 4. Please complete the following:

Question Title

* 5. Response date


Question Title

* 6. For each item, please input 0, 1, 2, 3, or 4.
Note: If a particular item is not applicable, please indicate it as 'NA.'
0 = Insufficient evidence for rating (not attempted)
1 = Basic (initial state of development, needs improvement
2 = Emerging (progressing beyond basic)
3 = Proficient (meets standard, competent) Target for teacher candidates
4 = Exemplary (performance comparable to that of experienced effective teachers)
NA = Not applicable


  0 1 2 3 4 NA
1.Lesson Plans – writes lesson plan to achieve objectives
2.Preparation - plans for delivery of lesson relative to objectives
3.Routine – uses minimum class time for non-instructional routines
4.Discipline – clearly establishes expected behavior, encourages positive behavior, and effectively stops inappropriate behavior
5.Community of Learners – provides pleasant, safe, and orderly climate and rapport

Question Title


  0 1 2 3 4 NA
6.Inclusion – works with students having physical, mental and emotional disabilities
7.Cultural Awareness – provides for differences among students
8. Establishes Objectives – communicates the instructional objectives
9. Stresses Sequence – relates present topic to previous and future topics
10. Relates Objectives – relates subject to existing student experiences
11. Involves All Learners – uses signaled responses, questioning techniques
12. Explains Content – teaches the objectives through a variety of appropriate methods
13. Explains Directions – gives directions that are clearly stated
14. Models – demonstrates the desired skills
15. Instructional Technology – uses appropriate print and non-print media
16. Reading Skills – embeds the components of literacy into all instructional content
17. Monitors – checks to determine if students are progressing; evidence of assessment
18. Adjusts – changes instruction based on monitoring
19. Guides Practice – requires practice while under direct supervision
20. Provides Independent Practice – requires practice without supervision
21. Establishes Closure – summarizes and fits into content what has been taught

Question Title


  0 1 2 3 4 NA
22. Appropriate dress/grooming
23. Speaks clearly, audibly, effectively
24. Relates well with students by showing interest, enthusiasm, and respect (engaging, uses eye contact, shows an understanding of students)
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