Topcoder prioritizes placement of candidates with strong Topcoder records onto our client TaaS engagements.  For those without Topcoder records, we will need to evaluate candidates, to ensure they are competent in the required skills.  Please fill out this form if you are interested in validating your skills in the technologies listed in this survey.

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* 1. What is your Topcoder Handle/username?  If you do not have a Topcoder Handle, please register here

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* 2. Which technology do you wish to begin the evaluation Process?

Next Steps: Once you submit, we will invite you to join either a public or private challenge, where you will be able to complete the given tasks/tasks in your respective skill, in order for us to evaluate your competency.  

There will be 2-3 levels of evaluations.  Once you complete the series, you will become a qualified member of the respective TaaS pool.

Reach out to if you have any questions