Why this survey? (Mentors)

Dear friends, as you all know RMSA along with BC has gone a step ahead in ensuring quality training and its implementation in classroom teaching, I have taken up a short term research on 'Mentoring and its impact on classroom teaching'. I am preparing and presenting a paper at AINET's 3rd International conference in January. Hence, this survey. I assure you that every detail you give here will be strictly used only for the purpose of my research and won't be shared with anyone for any purpose.

Please spare some of your valuable time to fill in the following details. Thank you in advance. 

* 1. Your Full Name

* 2. The district you belong to:

* 3. How many schools do you cover under mentoring project?

* 4. How many mentees are assigned to be mentored by you?

* 5. In the span of four months, have you been able to visit ALL your mentees? If no, Why not?

* 6. Have you started 'Peer Observation' in your school? If yes, please mention how have you benefited from it?
If no, are you planning to initiate it?

* 7. Have your mentees started 'Peer Observation' in their schools?

* 8. What positive changes have you noticed during lesson observation? (Please be specific like: writing good lesson plans, effective use of teaching aids, use of different interaction patterns, forming pairs, groups, etc,)

* 9. Has mentoring added to your professional growth? If yes, please mention how?

* 10. Which of the following is the most challenging in mentoring according to you? (You can choose more than one)