1. Expanded Learning Opportunities in Colorado

The Colorado Department of Education’s Expanded Learning Opportunities (ELO) Commission is examining the state-level policies needed to most effectively use the school day and to foster collaboration and partnerships among teachers, schools and community partners that go beyond core subjects to fully engage and enrich all students. The outcome of the Commission will be policy recommendations that outline a vision of student-centered learning that transcends the school day and location, and encourages education systems to use time, partners and technology in new ways to achieve greater long-term outcomes for students, including increased academic achievement and better preparation for college and the workforce.

The first step in the Commission’s work is a statewide tour of Colorado to listen to educators, program providers, parents and others about the challenges and successes of expanded learning time and discuss ideas for improving programs and strengthening community partnerships. We want to hear about the extended-day and after-school programs and services available to students in your area, what efforts are working and why, and what is needed to improve and expand services to engage more students in meaningful ways.

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