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1. How many years have you been a Dunn Oil Customer?

2. How many years have you been on a Fixed Priced Program?

3. Were you on a fixed price program for the 2008-09 heating season?

4. What factors do you consider when signing up for a fixed price program

5. How satisfied have you been on the fixed price program?

6. How likely are you to lock in for the 2009-10 heating season, should a plan become available?

7. Are you aware of our other prepaid discounts?

8. What types of programs are of interest to you?

9. Please rate the following in regard to Dunn Oil Company's service and pricing

  Very Satisfied Satisfied Needs Improvement Not satisfied Very dissatisfied N/A
Pricing options
Price in general
Automatic Delivery Service
Furnace/Boiler Service
Courtesy of Personnel
Overall experience at Dunn Oil

10. Optional - Please leave your name and information if you want! Thank you for taking the time to fill out our survey!
The Staff at Dunn Oil Company, Inc.