1. Questionnaire

This survey is to ascertain the effectiveness and usefulness of AACP member communications. It includes 17 questions and should take no more than 10 to 15 minutes of your time. Your participation is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

1. How long have you been an AACP member?

2. If you are a member of AACP, what was your primary reason for joining?

3. Have you attended an AACP annual meeting?

4. What other AACP meetings have you attended? (Please check as many as apply?)

5. How often do you receive a communication from AACP?

6. When you receive a communication from AACP, what is it usually about? (Check as many as apply.)

7. What AACP communications are you most interested in? (Check as many as apply.)

8. Is the amount of information you receive from AACP:

9. How would you prefer to receive most of your information from AACP?

10. Two years ago, AACP began distributing most publications and other communications digitally. Since that time, has your readership of those publications:

11. How often do you visit the AACP web site?

12. Have you downloaded resources from the AACP web site or read resources on the site?

13. Have you visited the AACP Facebook page?

14. Do you follow AACP on Twitter?

15. What is the primary benefit of being an AACP member?

16. Have you ever recommended a colleague join AACP?

17. Have you ever recommended that a colleague join another organization?