Expanding Services & Rec Shuttle Route

The People Mover is gathering community input in regards to interest in specific services.  This feedback will assist the People Mover in determining level of support for projects and degree of importance for projects.  Thank you for your time.

* 1. The People Mover is developing a Deviated Fixed Route in the John Day, Canyon City, Mt Vernon and Prairie City area that will allow passengers who use that particular bus route to ride for free to any destination on that route.  If implemented would you either use the route, or recommend it to someone?

* 2. What is your interest in Recreational Shuttle to Magone Lake?

* 3. What is your interest in a Recreational Shuttle to the Thomas Condon Center and Cant Ranch?

* 4. What is your interest in a Recreational Shuttle to the Painted Hills Unit?

* 5. What is your interest in a Recreational Shuttle during the winter months for skiing/snowboarding or just visiting a ski resort?

* 6. Are there any other recreational sites that you would like to see a shuttle go to?

* 7. Plese list any addtional comments for any of the questions.  This survey is annonymous, so if you would like a specific question answered please leave contact information.  Thank you for participating in this survey.

* 8. Are you interested in riding a shuttle to the Cant Ranch Open House on June 9th?