* 1. Please enter the date of your visit.

Date of Visit

* 2. Where do you call home?

* 3. Please check the number of people visiting with you today (including yourself) in each age group:

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
0-5 yrs
6-12 yrs
13-18 yrs
19-35 yrs
36-54 yrs
55-65 yrs
65+ yrs

* 4. Besides today, have you visited Fort William Historical Park in the past two years?

* 5. What was your primary way of learning about the David Thompson Astronomical Observatory or today's event?

* 6. What is your main reason visiting the David Thompson Astronomical Observatory today?

* 7. Have you attended, or plan to attend any of Fort William Historical Park’s special events this year?

* 8. How likely is it that you would come back for another Viewing Program or that you would recommend visiting the Observatory to friends and family?

* 9. Please tell us how we are doing:

  Excellent/Outstanding Very Good Good Fair Needs Improvement N/A
The Astronomer's talk/lecture
The view through the telescope
Enjoyment of videos and presentations on the viewing screen
Hands on Experience/activities
The Discovery Centre Classroom/Displays
The Telescope Dome
Helpfulness of Information/Programs Guides/Signs
Admission Procedures
Facility Cleanliness
Overall Experience

* 10. How would you describe your involvement with astronomy before today? Please select the option that describes you best:

* 11. Check the box that best rates the clarity and ease of understanding of the technical and scientific information and presentations.

  Clear and understandable Mostly clear and understandable Some portions were clear and understandable Not clear or understandable
Description of the program on the website or in advance materials
Program welcome and overview
Introduction to Astronomy/Observatory
Astronomer's presentation style
Explanations at the telescope in the Dome
The video presentations or handouts materials

* 12. What's the most amazing thing you learned or your favorite part of your visit to Fort William Historical Park today?

* 13. What is one thing we could do better to improve your visit?

* 14. Comments or Suggestions

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