Nightstop North East provides emergency accommodation for homeless people aged 16 and over in the homes of approved volunteer hosts on a night by night basis. Nightstop hosts open their homes to young people when they have nowhere else to go and offer a safe place to stay and a chance to be listened to. Once placed with a host young people using Nightstop receive help from project staff to help them find a more permanent place to live and address the reasons why this has happened.

Nightstop North East are working together with Railway Children to find out if a Nightstop service for under 16s would benefit young people who are at risk of running away. We believe that a Nightstop service for under 16s would provide a safe breathing space for young people and may prevent them from running away in the first place.
We would really appreciate that you complete this questionnaire. The information you provide will be really helpful in trying to make improvements in the life of young in your area.
Thank you for agreeing to complete this questionnaire. Remember that it is COMPLETELY CONFIDENTIAL. so you can be completely honest.